List of SA20 fixtures 2023- Cricket South Africa New T20 League Schedule 2023

The Cricket South Africa have announced the fixtures of the upcoming edition of the SA20 League which is to be played from January 10 to February 11.

The first match of this tournament will be played between MI Cape Town and Paarl Royals on January 10, Tuesday.

DateHome TeamAway TeamVenueTime
10 January 2023MI CapetownPaarl RoyalsCape Town17:30
11 January 2023Durban Super GiantsJoburg Super KingsDurban17:30
12 January 2023Sunrisers Eastern CapePretoria CapitalsGqeberha17:30
13 January 2023Paarl RoyalsJoburg Super KingsPaarl13:30
13 January 2023MI CapetownDurban Super GiantsCape Town17:30
14 January 2023Pretoria CapitalsSunrisers Eastern CapeCenturion13:30
14 January 2023MI CapetownJoburg Super KingsCape Town17:30
15 January 2023Durban Super GiantsPaarl RoyalsDurban13:30
16 January 2023Sunrisers Eastern CapeMI CapetownGqeberha17:30
17 January 2023Paarl RoyalsDurban Super GiantsPaarl13:30
17 January 2023Joburg Super KingsPretoria CapitalsJohannesburg17:30
18 January 2023MI CapetownSunrisers Eastern CapeCape Town13:30
18 January 2023Pretoria CapitalsJoburg Super KingsCenturion17:30
19 January 2023Paarl RoyalsSunrisers Eastern CapePaarl17:30
20 January 2023Durban Super GiantsPretoria CapitalsDurban17:30
21 January 2023Paarl RoyalsMI CapetownPaarl13:30
21 January 2023Sunrisers Eastern CapeJoburg Super Kings Gqeberha17:30
22 January 2023Paarl RoyalsPretoria CapitalsPaarl13:30
22 January 2023Sunrisers Eastern CapeDurban Super Giants Gqeberha17:30
23 January 2023MI CapetownPretoria CapitalsCape Town17:30
24 January 2023Sunrisers Eastern CapePaarl RoyalsGqeberha13:30
24 January 2023Joburg Super KingsDurban Super GiantsGqeberha17:30
2 February 2023Durban Super GiantsMI CapetownDurban17:30
3 February 2023Joburg Super KingsPaarl RoyalsJohannesburg13:30
3 February 2023Durban Super GiantsSunrisers Eastern CapeDurban17:30
4 February 2023Pretoria CapitalsMI CapetownCenturion17:30
5 February 2023Joburg Super KingsSunrisers Eastern CapeJohannesburg13:30
5 February 2023Pretoria CapitalsDurban Super GiantsCenturion17:30
6 February 2023Joburg Super KingsMI CapetownJohannesburg17:30
7 February 2023Pretoria CapitalsPaarl RoyalsCenturion17:30
8 February 20231st SemifinalJohannesburg17:30
9 February 20232nd SemfinalCenturion17:30
11 February 2023FinalJohannesburg17:30

SA20 Schedule 2023

Gqeberha is the new name of the city formerly known as Port Elizabeth.

All times below are South African time

[add 3.5 (+3.5) hours for Indian time, subtract 2 hours (-2) for UK time]

Johannesburg- Wanderers Stadium
Durban- Kingsmead Stadium
Centurion- Supersport Park
Gqeberha- St.George’s Park
Paarl- Boland Park
Cape Town- Newlands

January 10 MI Cape Town vs Paarl Royals, Cape Town, 17:30, MI Cape Town won by 8 wickets

January 11 Durban Super Giants vs Joburg Super Kings, Durban, 17:30, Joburg Super Kings won by 16 runs

January 12 Sunrisers Eastern Cape vs Pretoria Capitals, Gqeberha, 17:30, Capitals won by 23 runs

January 13 Paarl Royals vs Joburg Super Kings, Paarl, 13:30 , Royals won by 7 wickets

January 13 MI Cape Town vs Durban Super Giants, Cape Town, 17:30, Super Giants won by 5 wickets

January 14 Pretoria Capitals vs Sunrisers Eastern Cape, Centurion, 13:30 ,Capitals won by 37 runs

January 14 MI Cape Town vs Joburg Super Kings, Cape Town, 17:30, MI Cape Town won by 7 wickets

January 15 Durban Super Giants vs Paarl Royals, Durban, 13:30, Super Giants won by 27 runs

January 16 Sunrisers Eastern Cape vs MI Cape Town, Gqeberha, 17:30, Eastern Cape won by 4 wickets

January 17 Paarl Royals vs Durban Super Giants, Paarl, 13:30, Royals won by 10 runs

January 17 Joburg Super Kings vs Pretoria Capitals, Johannesburg, 17:30, Super Kings won by 6 runs

January 18 MI Cape Town vs Sunrisers Eastern Cape, Cape Town, 13:30, Eastern Cape won by 2 wickets

January 18 Pretoria Capitals vs Joburg Super Kings, Centurion, 17:30, Capitals won by 6 wickets

January 19 Paarl Royals vs Sunrisers Eastern Cape, Paarl, 17:30, Eastern Cape won by 5 wickets

January 20 Durban Super Giants vs Pretoria Capitals, Durban, 17:30, Capitals won by 8 wickets

January 21 Paarl Royals vs MI Cape Town, Paarl, 13:30, MI Cape Town won by 13 runs

January 21 Sunrisers Eastern Cape vs Joburg Super Kings, Gqeberha, 17:30 , Super Kings won by 5 wickets

January 22 Paarl Royals vs Pretoria Capitals, Paarl, 13:30, Royals won by 6 wickets,

January 22 Sunrisers Eastern Cape vs Durban Super Giants, Gqeberha, 17:30, Eastern Cape won by 124 runs

January 23 MI Cape Town vs Pretoria Capitals, Cape Town, 17:30, Capitals won by 52 runs

January 24 Sunrisers Eastern Cape vs Paarl Royals, Gqeberha, 13:30, Royals won by 5 wickets

January 24 Joburg Super Kings vs Durban Super Giants, Gqeberha, 17:30 , Super Kings won by 8 wickets

February 02 Durban Super Giants vs MI Cape Town, Durban, 17:30, Super Giants won by 5 wickets

February 03 Joburg Super Kings vs Paarl Royals, Johannesburg, 13:30, No result

February 03 Durban Super Giants vs Sunrisers Eastern Cape, Durban, 17:30, No result

February 04 Pretoria Capitals vs MI Cape Town, Centurion, 17:30, Capitals won by 1 wicket

February 05 Joburg Super Kings vs Sunrisers Eastern Cape, Johannesburg, 13:30, Super Kings won by 24 runs

February 05 Pretoria Capitals vs Durban Super Giants, Centurion, 17:30 , Super Giants won by 151 runs

February 06 Joburg Super Kings vs MI Cape Town, Johannesburg, 17:30, Super Kings won by 76 runs

February 07 Pretoria Capitals vs Paarl Royals, Centurion, 17:30

February 08 TBC vs TBC, 1st Semi-Final, Johannesburg, 17:30

February 09 TBC vs TBC, 2nd Semi-Final, Centurion, 17:30

February 11 TBC vs TBC, Final, Johannesburg, 16:30

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