List of The Hundred Women’s Fixtures 2023

The third edition of The Hundred Women’s fixture will begin from August 1 to August 27. The first match will be played between Trent Rockets Women and Southern Brave Women at Trent Bridge, Nottingham on August 1.

The Hundred Women’s Fixtures 2023 ( As per UK Time)

Tuesday 1st August

Trent Rockets v Southern Brave (3pm), Brave won by 27 runs

Wednesday 2nd August

Welsh Fire v Manchester Originals (11:30am), Match abandoned

London Spirit v Oval Invincibles (3pm), Match abandoned

Thursday 3rd August

Northern Superchargers v Birmingham Phoenix (3pm), Northern Super Chargers won by 7 wickets

Friday 4th August

Southern Brave v Welsh Fire (3pm), Fire won by 4 runs

Saturday 5th August

Manchester Originals v London Spirit (11:30am), Match abandoned

Birmingham Phoenix v Trent Rockets (2:30pm), Match abandoned

Sunday 6th August

Southern Brave v Northern Superchargers (11am), Brave won by 5 wickets

Oval Invincibles v Welsh Fire (2:30pm), Fire won by 3 wickets

Monday 7th August

Manchester Originals v Birmingham Phoenix (3pm), Originals won by 5 wickets

Tuesday 8th August

London Spirit v Southern Brave (3pm), Brave won by 5 wickets

Wednesday 9th August

Trent Rockets v Northern Superchargers (11:30am),N S-Chargers won by 9 runs

Oval Invincibles v Manchester Originals (3pm), Invincibles won by 5 runs

Thursday 10th August

Birmingham Phoenix v Welsh Fire (3pm), Fire won by 3 runs

Friday 11th August

Northern Superchargers v Oval Invincibles (3pm), N S-Chargers won by 14 runs

Saturday 12th August

London Spirit v Trent Rockets (11am), Rockets won by 5 wickets

Welsh Fire v Southern Brave (2:30pm), Brave won by 2 wickets

Sunday 13th August

Northern Superchargers v Manchester Originals (11am), N S-Chargers won by 4 runs (DLS method)

Birmingham Phoenix v Oval Invincibles (2:30pm), Invincibles won by 10 runs

Monday 14th August

Welsh Fire v Trent Rockets (3pm), Fire won by 41 runs

Tuesday 15th August

Oval Invincibles v London Spirit (3pm), Spirit won by 21 runs

Wednesday 16th August

Southern Brave v Birmingham Phoenix (3pm), Brave won by 3 runs

Thursday 17th August

Trent Rockets v Manchester Originals (3pm), Rockets won by 9 wickets

Friday 18th August

London Spirit v Northern Superchargers (3pm), N S-Chargers won by 4 wickets

Saturday 19th August

Trent Rockets v Birmingham Phoenix (11am), Rockets won by 3 runs

Southern Brave v Oval Invincibles (2:30pm), Brave won by 7 wickets

Sunday 20th August

Manchester Originals v Northern Superchargers (11am), Originals won by 3 wickets

Welsh Fire v London Spirit (2:30pm), Fire won by 23 runs

Monday 21st August

Oval Invincibles v Trent Rockets (3pm), Invincibles won by 3 runs

Tuesday 22nd August

Northern Superchargers v Welsh Fire (3pm), N S-Chargers won by 16 runs

Wednesday 23rd August

Manchester Originals v Southern Brave (3pm), Brave won by 8 wickets

Thursday 24th August

Birmingham Phoenix v London Spirit (3pm), Spirit won by 73 runs

Saturday 26th August

Eliminator, Northern Superchargers vs Welsh Fire , No result


Sunday 27th August

Final, Southern Brave Women vs Northern Superchargers(2:15pm), Brave won by 34 runs

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