List of Top 5 Wicket Takers In Nepal T20I Tri Series 2023-Most Wickets

Here are the list of top five wicket takers in Nepal T20I Tri Series 2023- Last updated after Nepal vs United Arab Emirates match on 27 October 2023

Top 5 Wicket Takers in the Nepal T20 Tri Series 2023

1- Karan KC (NEP), 5 matches- 10 wickets

2- A Bohara (NEP),4 matches- 7 wickets

3- Sompal Kami (NEP), 5 matches- 7 wickets

4- Zahoor Khan (UAE), 4 matches- 6 wickets

5- Gulsan Jha (NEP), 5 matches- 5 wickets

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