List of The Hundred Men’s Fixtures 2023

The English Cricket Board have announced the men’s fixture of the third edition of The Hundred 2023 scheduled to begin on August 1.

The season will kick off with defending champions Trent Rockets taking on Southern Brave in the opening encounter. The final will be played at Lords on 27 August 2023.

The Hundred Men’s Fixtures 2023

Tuesday 1st August

Trent Rockets vs Southern Brave, Match 1, Rockets won by 6 runs

Wednesday 2nd August

Welsh Fire vs Manchester Originals, Match 2, Fire won by 9 runs

London Spirit vs Oval Invincibles, Match 3, Invincibles won by 3 wickets

Thursday 3rd August

Northern Superchargers vs Birmingham Phoenix, Match 4, No Result

Friday 4th August

Southern Brave vs Welsh Fire, Match 5, Brave won by 2 runs

Saturday 5th August

Manchester Originals vs London Spirit, Match 6, No result

Birmingham Phoenix vs Trent Rockets, Match 7, Match Abandoned

Sunday 6th August

Southern Brave vs Northern Superchargers, Match 8, N S-Chargers won by 60 runs

Oval Invincibles vs Welsh Fire, Match 9, Match tied

Monday 7th August

Manchester Originals vs Birmingham Phoenix, Match 10, Originals won by 49 runs

Tuesday 8th August

London Spirit vs Southern Brave, Match 11, No result

Wednesday 9th August

Trent Rockets vs Northern Superchargers, Match 12, N S-Chargers won by 3 runs

Oval Invincibles vs Manchester Originals, Match 13, Invincibles won by 94 runs

Thursday 10th August

Birmingham Phoenix vs Welsh Fire, Match 14, Fire won by 6 wickets

Friday 11th August

Northern Superchargers vs Oval Invincibles, Match 15, Invincibles won by 9 runs

Saturday 12th August

London Spirit vs Trent Rockets, Match 16, Spirit won by 2 runs

Welsh Fire vs Southern Brave, Match 17, Brave won by 9 wickets

Sunday 13th August

Northern Superchargers vs Manchester Originals, Match 18, Originals won by 40 runs (DLS method)

Birmingham Phoenix vs Oval Invincibles, Match 19, Phoenix won by 41 runs

Monday 14th August

Welsh Fire vs Trent Rockets, Match 20, Rockets won by 4 runs

Tuesday 15th August

Oval Invincibles vs London Spirit, Match 21, Invincibles won by 2 runs

Wednesday 16th August

Southern Brave vs Birmingham Phoenix, Match 22, Brave won by 4 wickets

Thursday 17th August

Trent Rockets vs Manchester Originals, Match 23, Originals won by 10 runs

Friday 18th August

London Spirit vs Northern Superchargers, Match 24, Spirit won by 13 runs

Saturday 19th August

Trent Rockets vs Birmingham Phoenix, Match 25, Rockets won by 46 runs

Southern Brave vs Oval Invincibles, Match 26, Invincibles won by 8 runs

Sunday 20th August

Manchester Originals vs Northern Superchargers, Match 27, Originals won by 81 runs

Welsh Fire vs London Spirit, Match 28, Fire won by 6 wickets

Monday 21st August

Oval Invincibles vs Trent Rockets, Match 29, Invincibles won by 5 wickets

Tuesday 22nd August

Northern Superchargers vs Welsh Fire, Match 30, Fire won by 8 wickets

Wednesday 23rd August

Manchester Originals vs Southern Brave, Match 31, Brave won by 6 wickets

Thursday 24th August

Birmingham Phoenix vs London Spirit, Match 32, Phoenix won by 77 runs

Saturday 26th August

Eliminator, Manchester Originals vs Southern Brave Match 33, Originals won by 7 wickets

Sunday 27th August

Final, Match 34, Manchester Originals vs Oval Invincibles, Invincibles won by 14 runs

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