SA20 Points Table 2022/23 After Group Stage Round Robin & Half Way Standings (5 games)

Here is a look at the new SA20 league standings after the conclusion of the group stage round robin set of games. We’ve also shown the SA20 standings at the half way mark (table after 5 games), and you can clearly see that Johannesburg Super Kings were the big gainers, while MICT faded away.

First SA20 Season 2023 Full Points Table After Group Stage & Before Semifinals

SA20 Table 2022-23

SA T20 standings/ladder at the half way mark during the first 22/23 season for comparison

Half Way Stage SA20 Table After 5 Games

Why did DSG not qualify for the SA20 semifinals?

DSG lost out on net run rate to Paarl Royals.

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