List of Glamorgan Squad- Royal London Cup 2021

Here are the list of Glamorgan players who are going to feature in the upcoming edition of the Royal London Cup.

They have the likes of Colin Ingram, Marnus Labuschagne and David Lloyd in the squad.

Glamorgan Squad

Billy Root, Callum Taylor, Colin Ingram, Hamish Rutherford, Kiran Carlson, Marnus Labuschagne, Nick Selman, Daniel Douthwaite, David Lloyd, James Weighell, Joe Cooke, Michael Neser, Alex Horton (WK), Chris Cooke (WK), Tom Cullen (WK), Andrew Salter, Jamie McIlroy, Lukas Carey, Michael Hogan, Prem Sisodiya, Roman Walker, Ruaidhri Smith, Sam Pearce, Tegid Phillips and Timm van der Gugten

Fixtures of the Royal London Cup
July 22-Glamorgan vs Warwickshire, 3:30 PM

Hampshire vs Essex, 3:30 PM

Kent vs Durham, 3:30 PM

Leicestershire vs Derbyshire, 3:30 PM

Yorkshire vs Surrey, 3:30 PM

July 23- Lancashire vs Sussex, 3:30 PM

July 25- Essex vs Middlesex, 3:30 PM

Gloucestershire vs Lancashire, 3:30 PM

Leicestershire vs Yorkshire, 3:30 PM

Northamptonshire vs Glamorgan, 3:30 PM

Sussex vs Durham, 3:30 PM

Worcestershire vs Kent, 3:30 PM

Warwickshire vs Nottinghamshire, 3:30 PM

Somerset vs Derbyshire, 6:30 PM

July 27- Derbyshire vs Warwickshire, 3:30 PM

Gloucestershire vs Worcestershire, 3:30 PM

Hampshire vs Sussex, 3:30 PM

Middlesex vs Durham, 3:30 PM

Surrey vs Nottinghamshire, 3:30 PM

July 28- Kent vs Lancashire, 3:30 PM

Somerset vs Glamorgan, 3:30 PM

Yorkshire vs Northamptonshire, 3:30 PM

July 29- Durham vs Gloucestershire, 3:30 PM

Durham vs Gloucestershire, 3:30 PM

Warwickshire vs Leicestershire, 3:30 PM

Essex vs Worcestershire, 6:30 PM

July 30- Derbyshire vs Glamorgan, 3:30 PM

Middlesex vs Hampshire, 3:30 PM

Nottinghamshire vs Somerset, 3:30 PM

Surrey vs Northamptonshire, 3:30 PM

Sussex vs Kent, 3:30 PM

August 1- Essex vs Kent, 3:30 PM

Hampshire vs Lancashire, 3:30 PM

Northamptonshire vs Derbyshire, 3:30 PM

Nottinghamshire vs Leicestershire, 3:30 PM

Somerset vs Yorkshire, 3:30 PM

Sussex vs Gloucestershire, 3:30 PM

Worcestershire vs Middlesex, 3:30 PM

August 3- Gloucestershire vs Essex, 3:30 PM

Glamorgan vs Surrey, 3:30 PM

Lancashire vs Middlesex, 3:30 PM

Yorkshire vs Warwickshire, 3:30 PM

August 4- Gloucestershire vs Essex, 3:30 PM

Nottinghamshire vs Derbyshire, 3:30 PM

August 5- Gloucestershire vs Essex, 3:30 PM

Leicestershire vs Glamorgan, 3:30 PM

Surrey vs Somerset, 3:30 PM

August 6- Gloucestershire vs Hampshire, 3:30 PM

Gloucestershire vs Hampshire, 3:30 PM

Middlesex vs Kent, 3:30 PM

Nottinghamshire vs Yorkshire, 3:30 PM

Worcestershire vs Sussex, 3:30 PM

Warwickshire vs Northamptonshire, 3:30 PM

August 7- Leicestershire vs Surrey, 3:30 PM

August 8- Derbyshire vs Yorkshire, 3:30 PM

Durham vs Essex, 3:30 PM

Glamorgan vs Nottinghamshire, 3:30 PM

Kent vs Hampshire, 3:30 PM

Lancashire vs Worcestershire, 3:30 PM

Middlesex vs Gloucestershire, 3:30 PM

Northamptonshire vs Somerset, 3:30 PM

August 10- Essex vs Sussex, 3:30 PM

Nottinghamshire vs Northamptonshire, 3:30 PM

Surrey vs Warwickshire, 3:30 PM

Somerset vs Leicestershire, 3:30 PM

Worcestershire vs Durham, 3:30 PM

August 12- Derbyshire vs Surrey, 3:30 PM

Durham vs Hampshire, 3:30 PM

Glamorgan vs Yorkshire, 3:30 PM

Kent vs Gloucestershire, 3:30 PM

Lancashire vs Essex, 3:30 PM

Northamptonshire vs Leicestershire, 3:30 PM

Sussex vs Middlesex, 3:30 PM

Warwickshire vs Somerset, 3:30 PM

August 14- Quarter-Final 1, 3:30 PM

Quarter-Final 2, 3:30 PM

August 17- Semi-Final 1, 3:30 PM

Semi-Final 2, 3:30 PM

August 19- Final

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