List of Barbarians Squad- European Cricket Series T-10 2021

Here are the players from Barbarians who are going to feature in the European cricket series commencing on July 5.

The team will be captained by Ivan Ivanov. Barbarians first game will be against BSCU – MU Plovdiv.\

Barbarians squad 2021

Adrei Lilov, Ivan Ivanov (c), Ivaylo Andreev, Krasimir Kamenov, Nikolay Nankov, Vasilen Kamburov, Boyko Ivanov, Deyan Shipkov, Ivaylo Katzarski, Julian Hristov, Mario Berberyan, Alexander Stoychev, Dimo Nikolov, Ivan Kamburov, Mohammad Fayaz, Hristo Ivanov and Vasil Hristov

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