Tips for India vs West Indies- 3rd ODI

The year (or decade too, in this case) is about to come to a termination point. For the Indian who also happens to be an ardent fan of cricket, this year can only end well if the national cricket team can turn out to be victorious in the upcoming ODI match after having won the T20 series with a dominating 2-1 game score, whilst being dominant in all the three matches. While extensive analysis can be put forth about the T20 match where West Indies won (in order to learn from their mistakes and take the upper hand in the ODIs), there is a lot more to understand than the average armchair analyst can fathom.

For the statistician in the audiences, it may be fairly obvious that the third ODI match might go in favour of the hosts, and relying on reviews of online cricket betting sites in India might not be quite favourable—a possible waste of time and energy. However, if one truly understands the intricacies of odds and how volatile modern-day ODI matches can be, one will understand that the third ODI match can go either way, and making calls without proper and stable inferences might just prove to be an asinine decision one can make. Either way, these are a few tips one can follow, or at least bear in mind before making their calls or placing their bets on the possible victor.

Never Give Power to the Big Man!

As the great Alfie Solomons rightly claimed, never give power to the big man. In other words, try and avoid chipping all your bets on the big players—while it might be tempting to place all your bets on the likes of the Hitman Sharma or the record-breaker named King Kohli; it is urged to do a fair bit of research before doing so—for, albeit the consistency, even the mightiest players fall. As evident from the T20 match in which India was defeated, one should understand the need to pace bets on the likes of Simmons, Hetmyer, Pooran, and so on. This in no way implies that one should refrain from placing bets on the aforementioned Indian giants—one can obviously assign a higher proportion of currency to these players, for they have lived up to their names, time and time again—one is simply asked to do a stable amount of research before deciding the said proportions.

Indian Prediction League!

The IPL has not only proven to be the prime source of entertainment for the cricket-fan in India every summer, but has also proven to be pivotal in changing or revolutionising the way cricket is played and spectated in India. While this might be a boon for the general audience, it has proven to be a bane in the Indian selector’s figment of imagination— on further introspection, one can easily understand how predictable certain pitches have become, and how easily the overseas players manage to not just play, but perform brilliantly on Indian soil, sometimes even outshining the locals—and this has become a source of concern for the Indians.

For the bookmaker, though, this is definitely a pulchritudinous scenario—an overflowing stream of opportunity. One can easily generate a good deal of currency if one can stably estimate the IPL records and statistics of the participants directly concerned with the IPL. Considering that the next match is to be held at Barabati Stadium, Cuttack, it would be wise to place a fair amount of bets on the players directly concerned with the Chennai Super Kings, or their most rivaled side, the Mumbai Indians(considering the number of times the Indians have been victorious)—and there are quite a few of them— Kieron Pollard, Lendl Simmons, and of course, a Hitman who is one out-of-the-park away from making yet another record, Rohit Sharma, to name a few. If one can analyse the weather conditions, the condition of the pitch, and other external factors, it is only a matter of time until one manages to win a lump sum through proper betting.

In Conclusion

While one can understand the intricate aspects of the upcoming ODI and can estimate how things might take a turn (either for the better or worse), it is to be kept in mind that T20I matches, to a great extent, are not a fairly valid metric or an extremely accurate space for predicting how ODI matches may commence, for International T20s do not particularly hint at the entire ‘firepower’ a particular team has, or what the teams have at their disposal. While one may form an estimation of performances taking the IPL as a focal point, one is always asked to do more research before investing, especially with respect to ODI matches.

Moreover, one should understand that, at the end of the day, one should enjoy a good game of cricket, irrespective of the duration of the match. Additionally, from a spectator point-of-view, one must keep in mind that albeit it is fine to place bets on players and turn of events, one should never live beyond one’s means—enjoy betting, but enjoy cautiously.

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