Video Kerry O’Keefe racist commentary? Ranji Trophy comments & “Canteen Staff” Chef Kitchen Hand MCG Test 2018

A tongue in cheek comment or a case of casual racism? Commentator Kerry O’Keefe was heard on commentary mocking the standard of the Ranji Trophy, India’s premier domestic cricket tournament, saying that Mayank Agarwal, who made his debut today against Australia in Melbourne, had made his triple century against “Canteen Staff”, who had a “chef” and a “kitchen hand” for them.

It attracted a lot of criticism on social media. Check out O’Keefe’s commentary video below

Kerry O’Keefe racism or a tongue in cheek comment?

Prior to this, Mark Waugh had claimed that an average of 50 for Agarwal (as he does in domestic cricket) was probably the equivalent of 40 in Australian Shield cricket, another controversial comment.

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